Our conferences are usually recorded and are now available online. They are still availablefor purchase in a number of formats including audio CD, Video DVD and MP3 CDROM. The CDROM comprises all the current talks in the catalogue.
CDs are £4, DVDs are £7 and CDROM £7. Prices include postage.
If you wish to order then please email with your name and address. Payment by cheque (payable to Stephen Carter) or Paypal.

List of talks

 Ranald Macaulay:The History of L'Abri Listen to audio

Ranald Macaulay: The Challenge of Christian Living in the New Millennium Listen to audio

Susan Macaulay: Christian Education Listen to audio

Andrew Fellows: Confrontation in an Age of Tolerance Watch the video

Alistair Donald: The Watchmaker Returns: The Challenge of Intelligent Design Watch the Video

Richard Buckley: Liberalism Watch the video

Donald Drew: Living with Live Books: The Place and Purpose of Literature Watch the Video

Donald Drew: Forgetting to Remember: Reflections on the Loss of Christian Memory in our Culture Watch the video

Donald Bruce: Has Science Made God Irrelevant?

Donald Bruce: Genes, Clones and God.

Alex MacDonald: The Clash between Church and Nation in 21st Century Scotland Watch the video

Howard Taylor: Human Rights

Howard Taylor: Fundamental Mysteries

Mark Stirling: Tribalism or Compromise - The Church in the World               Watch the video

Terry Kirkwood: One Christian Artist’s Vision Watch the video

Bob Fyall: The Da Vinci Code - History or Fantasy? Watch the video

David White: Spirituality and Postmodernism - A Critique of Jacques Derrida and Ferdinand de Saussure Watch the video

Dan Petersen: A response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion Watch the video

Professor Patrick Reilly: 'Back to the Catacombs? Anti-Christianity in Western Society.

Ranald Macaulay: ‘Rekindling the Vision: Christians in the Post-Christian West'

Part 1 Watch the video

Part 2 Watch the video

James Paul: 'What in the World is Real' Watch the video

David Smith: 'From Gospel City to Style City: Changing Perceptions of Glasgow' 

Watch the video

Paul James-Griffiths: 'The Story of Edinburgh Christian Heritage Centre'

Watch the video

Other resources that are highly recommended:

Focus on the Family: The Truth Project

Nancy Pearcey: Total Truth