L'Abri Fellowship was started in 1955 by Francis and Edith Schaeffer who opened their home in Switzerland to anyone who was seeking truth. The central thrust of L'Abri teaching is that biblical Christianity is true – not just a way of life, not one more religious option or one more spiritual experience, but the truth. What the Bible says is the way things really are. From this central contention come two important emphases.
First, questions are taken seriously and discussed honestly. If Christianity is true, it is relevant to all of life, not just to some ‘religious' area. Thus Christianity as a worldview has implications for the arts, the sciences, politics, economics, psychology, etc. We seek to develop a Christian mind and biblical perspective for all of life. So we will certainly try to make you think. At the same time however, L'Abri's purpose is not only intellectual.

From the beginning, L'Abri has tried to show that God exists through the reality of changed lives and answered prayer. This we seek to practice and encourage, never perfectly, but in the conviction that this is both the priority for all Christians and the most effective testimony.