Scottish Friends of L'Abri

Scottish Friends of L'Abri started in 1999 as a group of people who are interested in and support the work of L'Abri Fellowship. The aim is to provide a focus and a network of contacts for those of us who live in Scotland and find it difficult to travel down to English L'Abri in Greatham, Hampshire. From 2000 - 2010 we held day conferences twice a year and we have 23 talks available for download or purchase in various formats (See 'Resources').   We have a reading group that meets three times a year to discuss a book (usually a L'Abri book, but not exclusively so). Some of us have L'Abri resources such as tapes or books in our homes, and would be glad to share them with people who are interested. If you would like to know more or order resources please email us at